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Every year, millions of people come to enjoy these natural and manmade wonders. And when they visit they take lots of photos—hundreds, maybe even thousands of them! Most will go home with okay snapshots, while others might give up—deciding to buy postcards or a book instead. Want to make the most of your photo opportunities? Here are a few tips to help you best capture these breathtaking destinations: Large-format, Polaroid or video cameras are also fun to try out and can provide different perspectives of the landscapes.

Black and white film can make for remarkable pictures at these destinations. Strong, direct sunlight can wash out a landscape. You may want to use your flash for evening shots—when photographing people or wildlife. A flash can also fill light in some of the darker, shadowed sides of the canyons, rock formations or dam.

Though landscape shots seem like a cinch, they are quite tricky. Generally, the faster your shutter speed, the more detail and sharpness your photo will have.

You also might try framing a distant scene with a strong foreground object—a tree, rock or person. This technique lets you spotlight the distant background and creates a three-dimensional effect. With helicopters, there is often vibration and movement due to the engine and rotor blades. Professional photographers usually have a VR vibration reduction lens to address this issue.

When you visit these remarkable destinations, almost every moment—24 hours a day—is a photo opportunity! Being the largest National Park in the United States, you can hike, raft, picnic and many other things. Here are some reasons we would like to share. More than five million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park each year. No photograph or verbal description of the Grand Canyon is ever going to suffice. You just have to experience its overwhelming vastness and awe-inspiring splendor in person.

A visit to the Grand Canyon is an iconic American experience. The Grand Canyon certainly proves the adage that bigger is better. Did you know the Grand Canyon National Park encompasses a whopping 1,, acres? Plus, the canyon itself is a mile deep and averages 10 miles in width. And there are rocks in the Grand Canyon that have been found to be two billion years old i. You could say, like a fine wine, the Grand Canyon is only getting better with age.

Where else can you stroll across a skywalk? It opened to visitors Mar. Researchers have uncovered more than 4, archeological sites that bear the echoes of ancient Indian tribes. Current evidence from artifacts suggests that humans have inhabited the Grand Canyon as far back as 4, years ago and journeyed through it for 6, years before that.

The Grand Canyon is also rich in wildlife. Have you every heard a coyote howl? Have you seen a mule deer relaxing in the sun? Have you spotted a great horned owl perched in a tree? Moments like these are common in the Grand Canyon—and perfect for those who like to snap photos. Do you ever get stressed out from your urban lifestyle—all the noise and nonstop activity? Sunrise and sunset are spectacular at the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon National Park makes visiting its major attractions easy for travelers with disabilities. Maps at the entrances to the park will outline all of the facilities and services available.

Several one-of-a-kind events are held at the Grand Canyon. A visit to the Grand Canyon is a great family activity. Not only can you share the wondrous sights together, but the park offers plenty of fun activities designed especially for kids—think fossil hunting and junior ranger training! In fact, your olfactory system is sure to be thrilled by the sweet scents of the Ponderosa pine, aspen and fir trees. There are approximately types of wildflowers found in the Grand Canyon National Park.

Throughout spring and summer, lots of pretty flora are in bloom—including yellow ragweed, pink toadflax, red Indian paintbrush and purple Rocky Mountain iris. How many people can claim to have ridden a mule? Like mule rides, there are endless possibilities when it comes to experiencing the Grand Canyon. The athletic and adventurous can choose from hiking and rafting.

And those who may not be major outdoor enthusiasts or have a lot of time for a lengthy visit, can enjoy sightseeing on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour—such as those offered by Maverick Helicopters.

No one ever leaves disappointed or forgets their visit to the Grand Canyon! For trivia about the Grand Canyon—one of the biggest and most interesting examples of erosion in the world—read here! By The Numbers The Grand Canyon National Park covers 1, square miles or 1,, acres and includes an extensive system of tributary canyons. Compare this to the elevation of the lowest point at Phantom Ranch on the bottom of the canyon floor—which is 2, feet high.

The Grand Canyon averages 10 miles across in width. Its narrowest point is in Marble Canyon, where it is feet wide. Its maximum width of 18 miles is found at several different points. The greatest depths of the Grand Canyon lie just over one mile beneath its rim. The volume of the Grand Canyon is estimated to be 5. The total length of the Colorado River is 1, miles.

Speaking of the Colorado River, its average width in the Grand Canyon is feet—with its narrowest width being 76 feet. There are species of birds, 91 species of mammals, 57 species of reptiles and amphibians, 17 species of fish this number has dropped quite a bit in the last decade! There are also 8, known species of invertebrates—i.

More than five million visitors are coming to the Grand Canyon annually. Recent statistics show visitors roll into the park in 1. Also, , of them come by the Grand Canyon Railway and nearly , more arrive via small planes and helicopters. Back in the s, the average visitor would stay at the Grand Canyon for two to three weeks.

Today, the average person spends about three to four hours at the Grand Canyon—often shortening their transit time hugely and enhancing their views by taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour! They were made by Paleo-Indian hunters. They hunted in the forests, farmed and constructed cliff dwellings. Spanish adventurers arrived at the Grand Canyon nearly 80 years before the Mayflower set sail. The first sighting is credited to the expedition of Francisco Coronado in His group of soldiers was looking for the fabled Seven Cities of Cibola.

Jules Marcou of the Pacific Railroad Survey made the first geologic observations of the Grand Canyon and its surrounding area in The first attempt to explore the Grand Canyon came in Lieutenant Joseph Christmas Ives had to report to the War Department on whether the Colorado River was navigable by steamboat—and it was!

Powell had brought a man team on his Colorado River Exploring Expedition in In the s, greedy miners began to stake claims in the Grand Canyon.

They had hoped previously discovered deposits of copper, lead and zinc would reap profits, but gave up their effort due to problems accessing the canyon and removing the ore. In the s, the arrival of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroads to Flagstaff and Williams brought tourists trickling into the Grand Canyon area. In , President Benjamin Harrison established the Grand Canyon as a national forest reserve, which offered it some environmental protection—although logging and mining were still allowed.

In , journalist Winfield Hogaboom drove with three of her friends in the first car to arrive at the Grand Canyon. President Teddy Roosevelt stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon in Trains were the preferred way to travel to the Grand Canyon up until the s, when cars surpassed them. It totals just over one million acres and protects the land located off its North Rim. This newer monument is nearly the same size as the adjacent 1.

Written By Yvonne Newman.

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