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He stands on deck, beguiled by the emerald waters that would give the Costa Smeralda its name and thinks: Successive generations of celebrities followed the haves and have-yachts equally charmed by its pink granite coast and clear turquoise waters. Sardinia is heaven for rich yacht owners but just has appealing to family travellers Credit: GETTY They paid handsomely for privilege and judging by the private jet terminal at Olbia, still do but turn left out of the airport instead of right and you get the same spotless, sandy beaches, Aleppo pine groves and rolling green hills for about half the price.

Neilson got around this two years ago by buying an existing hotel - the Baia dei Mori, about 30 minutes south of Olbia airport - and running it in tandem with the original owners. It sounds like a match made in heaven: Neilson, for the uninitiated, is an activity specialist which has bolted boats, bikes, tennis and more to a mostly inclusive package. Bed and board, child care, sports and activities often with lessons are all paid up front.

My memories of both comprise standing thigh deep in a chilly Welsh reservoir, wrestling with heavy bits of fibreglass and waiting for a breeze resenting every pound I had wasted in doing so. Richard Frost - the omnipresent and chipper manager who goes by Frostie - coordinated seven articulated trucks worth of supplies for the opening and new toys kept arriving as our half-term week progressed: Bike shed boss Tim fitted the pedals I had brought with me and I was good to go.

Explore the interior on two wheels Credit: GETTY There are group rides daily - from beginner off-roading to full days in the mountains - or you can just follow any of the routes the bike team has mapped out.

And what roads they are! From glass smooth tarmac to pockmarked byways, they reveal a side of the island few tourists see. It is a cheese pastry, sweetened with honey and, halfway through a 92km jaunt though the mountains, it tastes like something delivered directly from heaven. The 10 dishes you cannot leave Italy without eating In between refuelling stops there is nothing but beautiful scenery.

Nor are there any credit card machines: Family holidays do, however, mean more than riding off in the opposite direction from your children, so I endeavoured to play the part of a committed parent back in resort. Neilson make this quite difficult: I felt no guilt in booking Miles and Ava nine-year-old twins into Sharksters each day - their programme looked something like an outdoor bootcamp. Tackle the surrounding waters in a kayak Credit: We had tried this on previous holidays and shed quite a few tears in the process.

But this time we were away, splashing through the current like a couple of Oxford blues. I allowed myself a moment of pride. Paddle boarding began equally well.

A passing dinghy sailor offered to tow us back to the beach, having noticed the tide was pushing us backwards. The return journey will surely go down in the Hampton family annals as an epic seafaring feat; one that involved Miles swimming part of the way. I was flushed with a mixture of smugness and exhaustion when Miles knocked me off the board and at last I had a reason to be annoyed. Five other active breaks for May half-term 1. The package includes participation of the child in the Hockey Academy by Legends, private resort transfers and return flights from London Stansted with easyJet.

Based on 26 May departure.

There are so many great reasons to seek out inexpensive places to date in Atlanta. Maybe you don't want to overwhelm the object of your affection. The Commodity Codes Search page lists all NIGP commodity codes and is searchable.

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