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Recently expanded to include three new high-tech classrooms for our deaf students. Nonprofit residential treatment program for children. This program is designed to help troubled and traumatized children abused children rebuild their lives. They provide a home, schooling and love to these children through a comprehensive program. Deaf Education Deaf children often attend special schools or learning centers where various teaching methods are used to help communicate with and educate them in a way they can learn and become fulfilled, well educated and well rounded people.

There are several different methods for communicating and educating deaf students, and some schools may use one two, or even more than two different ways combined. The two basic and most common ways of communicating with those who are deaf are the manual method and the oral method. The manual method of deaf education involves sign language exclusively, and teachers communicate with students solely through hand signaling. The oral method uses speech and speech reading to speak to students.

Some deaf people are able to read lips, and this is often a result of the oral method of teaching. In , the American School for the Deaf was established. This school specializes in teaching deaf children exclusively, and was founded by those who believed that the manual method of sign language communication was optimal.

Most teachers at the original schools for the deaf were also deaf themselves, so there were no issues in using sign language, since the teachers were well versed in it as well. As time went on and society adapted, it was soon realized that deaf children needed to be able to talk to other people who were not just deaf. There are now many different deaf education schools and special programs established all over the United States. The use of speech has been integrated in many instances, and it helps students learn to read lips, and to speak more clearly to others.

This method also lets them talk to and socialize with their hearing peers. There is no one wrong or right way to teach deaf students. Sign language has been shown to be just as effective as using the English language in may different studies.

Often, deafness is look at as a form of a disability or a sickness, which can cause deaf children and adults to feel alienated from others. This is why effective communication skills and a good, solid education are so important. By ensuring that the deaf are treated equally, they can learn to become productive, happy members of society and talk to both those who are deaf and those who can hear. Good deaf schools can teach students all subjects and teach them how to talk to others in a way that allows them to express themselves and feel confident.

Educating others, including those in the school system, about deafness and proper communication can help to bridge the gap and ensure that deaf students get a quality education.

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